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'O' Ring 267828

'O' Ring.  Corresponds to part no: 267828Various applications including inlet & outlet adaptor hydraulic pump and 1600, 2l & 2.6l petrol rocker side cover bolt sealing washer...

£0.98 Ex Tax: £0.82

Bottom PTO Casing to Transfer Box Shim Gasket Set 580196

Bottom Power Take Off casing to transfer box shim gasket setCorresponds to part no: 580196Sold in packs of 6.Thinner than the conventional transfer box plate gasket, these gaskets are used as required to set the correct backlash between the transfer box intermediate gear and the BPTO intermediate ge..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £12.49

Bottom PTO Drive Shaft End Cover Gasket 580294

Bottom Power Take Off drive shaft end cover gasket.   Corresponds to part no: 580294..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Bottom PTO Output Gear Thrust Washer RTC1962 (08188)

Bottom PTO thrust washer.Part no: RTC1962Supersedes part no: 08188Genuine part..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Bottom PTO Output Shaft Bearing to End Cover Spacer Ring 580297

Spacer ring for the Bottom PTO output shaft bearing to end cover.Part no: 580297Genuine part..

£12.98 Ex Tax: £10.82

Bottom PTO Selector Lever Connecting Link 580534

New old stock, genuine bottom PTO selector lever connecting link.  Part no: 580534..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16

Gearbox Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retaining Plate 217523

Gearbox Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retaining Plate.  Part no:  217523..

£0.48 Ex Tax: £0.40

Hydraulic Pump / Motor to PTO Adaptor & Winch Gearbox Gasket 580007 (RTC7204)

Hydraulic pump to PTO adaptor gasket.  Also used on the Land Rover mk1/mk2 & Aeroparts GLR104 hydraulic winch to fit the motor to the winch gearbox.Corresponds to part no: 580007Supersedes to part no: RTC7204 Please note: Does not fit the hydraulic PTO originally supplied with early La..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.49

Knob Lock Nut 7/16"BSF (Sherardized) 3764 (NT407041L)

Lock nut 7/16BSFPart no: 3764Supersedes to part no: NT407041L Used for locking transfer lever and PTO lever knobs.GENUINE PARTSherardised finish..

£0.49 Ex Tax: £0.41

PTO Control Knob 218050

Power Take Off control knob.  Part number: 218050Correct black colour with a 7/16" BSF thread and brass insert. Manufactured in the UK...

£9.60 Ex Tax: £8.00

PTO Housing to Gearbox Gasket 217680 (622047)

PTO housing or hydraulic pump adaptor to gearbox gasket. Also used on bottom PTO as well  fixing the rear mainshaft bearing housing to the gearbox.Part no: 217680Supersedes to part no: 622047..

£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25

PTO Selector Lever Pivot 506205

Pivot for PTO selector lever.Part no: 506205New old stock genuine part.Used on the PTO selector mechanism that protrudes through the heel board from October 1960 to early 1970's. Also used on the Bottom PTO selector mechanism. ..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

PTO Selector Lever Pivot Stud 506204

Stud for the PTO selector pivotPart no: 506204Used on the PTO selector mechanism that protrudes through the heel board from October 1960 to early 1970's. Also used on the Bottom PTO selector mechanism.  High quality item,  an exact copy of the original stud. Phosphate finish. ..

£3.48 Ex Tax: £2.90

Rubber Dust Cover 219080 263977

Dust cover for Aeroparts capstan winch driveshaft, Series 1 clutch crossshaft and Bottom PTO selector shaft.  Part no: 263977, 219080. Manufactured in the UK from hard wearing and chemical resistant rubber. Reinforced with extra material around the smaller end to provide a better secu..

£13.08 Ex Tax: £10.90

Snap Ring RTC1957 (06402)

Snap ringCorresponds to part no: RTC1957Supersedes part no: 06402..

£0.94 Ex Tax: £0.78

Spring Washer 1/4" (Sherardized) 3074 (WM600041L)

Spring washer, 1/4" internal diameter.  Part number: 3074  (WM600041L)Finish: Sherardized  Various applications...

£0.10 Ex Tax: £0.08

Copper Crush Sealing Washer 3/8"BSP 243959 (213960)

Copper crush washer 3/8BSPPart no: 243959Non-asbestos replacement for 213960Various applications...

£0.78 Ex Tax: £0.65

Aeroparts Winch / PTO Serial Number Plate RTC8001-PLATE

Reproduction nameplate for late Aeroparts products.  Corresponds to part no: RTC8001-PLATE  Usually found on GLR101 'small bollard' winches from 1976 onwards and GLR104 hydraulic drum winches. Also found on some PTO selectors manufactured around the same period...

£14.99 Ex Tax: £12.49

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