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Bearing 55714 (FWL-241)

Bearing.  Part no: 55714  Fairey part no: FWL-241High quality manufacture.Multiple applications including centre PTO front bearing, hydraulic PTO adaptor bearing, Fairey drum winch PTO front bearing and gearbox primary pinion bearing...

£31.92 Ex Tax: £26.60

Centre PTO Mainshaft 219744

Centre PTO mainshaft.  Part no: 219744  ..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

Centre PTO Shaft Rear Bearing 217325

Centre PTO shaft, rear bearing.  Corresponds to part no: 217325LROE Brand are Japanese quality bearings.  ..

£17.52 Ex Tax: £14.60

Circlip External 1.1/2" 214795

Circlip, ExternalNominal Shaft 1.5"Part no: 214795..

£0.48 Ex Tax: £0.40

Circlip External 2.1/2" 217546

Circlip, ExternalNominal Shaft 2.5"Part no: 217546..

£3.60 Ex Tax: £3.00

Detent Spring 56102

Detent spring.  Part no: 56102  Applications include PTO selector mechanism from October 1960 to mid 1970's and gearbox reverse selector shaft...

£0.17 Ex Tax: £0.14

Gearbox Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retaining Plate 217523

Gearbox Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retaining Plate.  Part no:  217523..

£0.48 Ex Tax: £0.40

Knob Lock Nut 7/16"BSF (Sherardized) 3764 (NT407041L)

Lock nut 7/16BSFPart no: 3764Supersedes to part no: NT407041L Used for locking transfer lever and PTO lever knobs.GENUINE PARTSherardised finish..

£0.49 Ex Tax: £0.41

Land Rover Series 1 2 Centre PTO Kit 230855 230693

Restored Land Rover Series 1 & 2 centre PTO with Pre-October 1960 type 'under seat' selector.  Part no: 230855 (PTO Unit) 230693 (Selector)The PTO was fully stripped and the alloy parts vapour honed. The PTO was then reassembled with a new mainshaft, new bearings and seals. P..

£432.00 Ex Tax: £360.00

Land Rover Series 1 Centre PTO Kit 230855

Restored Land Rover Series 1 centre PTO kit including centre PTO, early matched selector, drive dog and gaskets.  Part no: 230855A very nice early (type 2) 862 prefix centre PTO. Fully restored with all new bearings, oil seals and gaskets. The output flange has had a speedi-sleeved fitted...

£399.98 Ex Tax: £333.32

Land Rover Series 2 2a Centre PTO Kit 230855 509076

Restored Land Rover Series 2 & 2a centre PTO with Post-October 1960 type 'through heel board' selector.  Part no: 230855 (PTO Unit)  509076 (Selector)The PTO was fully stripped and the alloy parts vapour honed. The PTO was then reassembled with a new mainshaft, new output flange, ..

£432.00 Ex Tax: £360.00

Land Rover Series 2a 3 '1 Ton' Centre PTO Kit RTC8006

New old stock '1 ton' centre PTO kit.Part no: RTC8006For Series 2a and 3 '1 Ton' type gearboxes...

£312.00 Ex Tax: £260.00

Land Rover Series 2b Forward Control 2.25 & 2.6 Petrol Hand Throttle Kit 601806

Hand throttle kit for Series 2b forward control petrol models.  Part no: 601806..

£336.00 Ex Tax: £280.00

Land Rover Series 3 Centre PTO Kit GLR105

Restored Land Rover Series 3 centre PTO kit suitable for both 4 & 6 cylinder models fitted with standard gearbox. Will fit earlier models as wellPart no: GLR105This PTO has the later Series 3 type selector which can be used for both 4 and 6 cylinder models. The PTO was fully stripped, all steel ..

£349.99 Ex Tax: £291.66

Nut 5/16"BSF (Sherardized) 2828

Plain full nut, 5/16"BSF Part number: 2828Finish: Sherardized..

£0.22 Ex Tax: £0.18

Plain Washer 2BA x 3/8" x 17swg (Brass) 2869

Plain washer 2BA x 3/8" x 17swg (brass). Part no: 2869..

£0.06 Ex Tax: £0.05

PTO Control Knob 218050

Power Take Off control knob.  Part number: 218050Correct black colour with a 7/16" BSF thread and brass insert. Manufactured in the UK...

£12.24 Ex Tax: £10.20

PTO Housing to Gearbox Gasket 217680 (622047)

PTO housing or hydraulic pump adaptor to gearbox gasket. Also used on bottom PTO as well  fixing the rear mainshaft bearing housing to the gearbox.Part no: 217680Supersedes to part no: 622047..

£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25

PTO Selector & Cover Plate to Transferbox Gasket 230140 (FWL-214)

PTO selector & cover plate to transfer box gasket.  Part no: 230140.  Fairey part no: FWL-214..

£0.70 Ex Tax: £0.58

PTO Selector Assembly 559597

New old stock PTO selector assembly suitable for 4 & 6 cylinder vehicles.Part no: 559597Maybe some slight surface corrosion from being sat on a shelf for a number of years...

£129.98 Ex Tax: £108.32

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