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Land Rover Series Rear PTO Assembly (6 Spline) 230176

Reconditioned Rear PTO assembly, 6 spline out put shaft with guard.Part no: 230176. Serial number: 868934- new Timken bearings- new oil seals and gaskets- polished gears and shafts- speedi-sleeves fitted to shafts- phosphated and sherardized fixings- vapour blasted alloy parts- ceramic coated s..

£2,160.00 Ex Tax: £1,800.00

'O' Ring 267828

'O' Ring.  Corresponds to part no: 267828Various applications including inlet & outlet adaptor hydraulic pump and 1600, 2l & 2.6l petrol rocker side cover bolt sealing washer...

£0.31 Ex Tax: £0.26

Bearing 55714

Bearing.  Corresponds to part no: 55714  High quality Japanese manufacture.Multiple applications including centre PTO front bearing, hydraulic PTO adaptor bearing and gearbox primary pinion bearing...

£25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00

Bolt 1/4"BSF X 1" (Sheradized) 237143

Bolt 1/4"BSF X 1" (Sheradized) Part no: 237143..

£0.60 Ex Tax: £0.50

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.1/8" 509045

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.1/8".  Part number: 509045Genuine GSF Grade T, very high quality.  Applications include rear PTO propshaft to centre PTO output flange, front and rear propshaft to diff input flange and front PTO to gearbox front output flange...

£0.34 Ex Tax: £0.28

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16" 90512701

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16".  Part number: 90512701  Genuine TWL garde T manufacture. Very high quality, limited stock.Applications include PTO propshaft to rear PTO input flange and rear propshaft to gearbox output...

£1.07 Ex Tax: £0.89

Bolt 5/16"BSF X 1" (SHERADIZED) 250524 237160

Bolt 5/16"BSF X 1" (SHERADIZED). Part no: 250524 237160. ..

£0.84 Ex Tax: £0.70

Bolt 5/16"BSF x 3/4" (Sheradized) 237159

Bolt 5/16"BSF x 3/4" (Sheradized). Part no: 237159. ..

£0.84 Ex Tax: £0.70

Bottom PTO Casing to Transfer Box Shim Gasket Set 580196

Bottom Power Take Off casing to transfer box shim gasket setCorresponds to part no: 580196Sold in packs of 6.Thinner than the conventional transfer box plate gasket, these gaskets are used as required to set the correct backlash between the transfer box intermediate gear and the BPTO intermediate ge..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £12.49

Bottom PTO Drive Shaft End Cover Gasket 580294

Bottom Power Take Off drive shaft end cover gasket.   Corresponds to part no: 580294..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Bottom PTO Output Gear Thrust Washer RTC1962 (08188)

Bottom PTO thrust washer.Part no: RTC1962Supersedes part no: 08188Genuine part..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24

Bottom PTO Output Shaft Bearing to End Cover Spacer Ring 580297

Spacer ring for the Bottom PTO output shaft bearing to end cover.Part no: 580297Genuine part..

£12.98 Ex Tax: £10.82

Bottom PTO Selector Lever Connecting Link 580534

New old stock, genuine bottom PTO selector lever connecting link.  Part no: 580534..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.16

Centre PTO Mainshaft 219744

Centre PTO mainshaft.  Part no: 219744  ..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

Centre PTO Shaft Rear Bearing 217325

Centre PTO shaft, rear bearing.  Corresponds to part no: 217325LROE Brand are Japanese quality bearings.  ..

£17.52 Ex Tax: £14.60

Circlip External 1.1/2" 214795

Circlip, ExternalNominal Shaft 1.5"Part no: 214795..

£0.48 Ex Tax: £0.40

Circlip External 2.1/2" 217546

Circlip, ExternalNominal Shaft 2.5"Part no: 217546..

£3.60 Ex Tax: £3.00

Cotter Pin 1/8" x 1.1/4" 2428 (536603/20)

Cotter Pin 1/8 x 1.1/4Part no: 2428Equivalent to: 536603/20Various uses...

£0.11 Ex Tax: £0.09

Detent Spring 56102

Detent spring.  Part no: 56102  Applications include PTO selector mechanism from October 1960 to mid 1970's and gearbox reverse selector shaft...

£0.17 Ex Tax: £0.14

Gearbox Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retaining Plate 217523

Gearbox Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retaining Plate.  Part no:  217523..

£0.48 Ex Tax: £0.40

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