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Aeroparts Capstan Winch Control Rod Selector Spring 211382

Aeroparts Capstan Winch Control Rod Selector Spring.  Part number: 211382Also used on Land Rover Series 1 80" pre-1500 gear stick anti rattle device..

£3.12 Ex Tax: £2.60

Clutch Lever Cotter Pin 41508

New old stock, genuine Land Rover Series 1 80" clutch lever cotter pin.  Part no: 41508  ..

£19.19 Ex Tax: £15.99

Girling Alloy Brake & Clutch Fluid Reservoir Cap 500201

Alloy brake and clutch reservoir cap. Stamped 'Girling Ltd, England'.  Part no: 500201  Brand: Bearmch.  Fits 'bean can' type reservoir. Seal not included...

£4.08 Ex Tax: £3.40

Knob Lock Nut 7/16BSF 3764 (NT407041L)

Lock nut 7/16BSFPart no: 3764Supersedes to part no: NT407041L Used for locking transfer lever and PTO lever knobs.GENUINE PARTSherardised finish..

£0.49 Ex Tax: £0.41

Nut 5/8"BSF 219668

Nut for clutch and brake pedal shaft for Land Rover Series 1 86" 88" 107" 109".  Also used for attaching towing jaw and bracket to chassis.  Part no: 219668  ..

£1.20 Ex Tax: £1.00

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