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Bearing 55714

Bearing.  Corresponds to part no: 55714  High quality Japanese manufacture.Multiple applications including centre PTO front bearing, hydraulic PTO adaptor bearing and gearbox primary pinion bearing...

£25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16" 90512701

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16".  Part number: 90512701  Genuine TWL garde T manufacture. Very high quality, limited stock.Applications include PTO propshaft to rear PTO input flange and rear propshaft to gearbox output...

£1.07 Ex Tax: £0.89

Cotter Pin 1/8" x 1.1/4" 2428

Cotter Pin 1/8 x 1.1/4Corresponds to part no: 2428Various uses..

£0.11 Ex Tax: £0.09

Detent Spring 56102

Detent spring.  Part no: 56102  Applications include PTO selector mechanism from October 1960 to mid 1970's and gearbox reverse selector shaft...

£0.16 Ex Tax: £0.13

Dowel 09561

Dowel.  Corresponds to part no: 09561  Applications include locating dowel for Aeroparts capstan winch bollard thrust washer and for bollard shaft...

£0.19 Ex Tax: £0.16

Nut 5/16"UNF (Sheradized) 254811 (NH605041L)

Plain full nut, 5/16"UNF.  Part number: 254811 (NH605041L)Finish: Sheradized..

£0.14 Ex Tax: £0.12

Slotted Nut 5/8" 16TPI 3259

Slotted nut 5/8" 16TPIPart number: 3259For rear PTO input and  output shaft and 10 spline axle halfshafts...

£0.66 Ex Tax: £0.55

Spring 03649

Spring.  Part no: 03649  Various applications including Land Rover mk1 / mk2 Hydraulic Winch drum brake friction pad spring and gearbox detent spring...

£0.18 Ex Tax: £0.15

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