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Hot Wash Parts Washing Service

At LR Optional Equipment we are pleased to offer a hot wash parts washing service using our Safetykleen M320 Aquakleen parts washer, it is ideal for oily mechanical components such as engine blocks, axle casings and gearboxes.

The M320 can accept a max load weight of 1000kg and has a usable basket size of 1.4m wide by 60cm high. The washer uses Safetykleen's Aquapro Aqueous solution which is safe to use on most metals, plastics and rubber and heats the solution up to a maximum of 70 degrees. The cleaning action is provided by high pressure jets situated around the turntable basket.

If you are interested in this service please get in touch using our contact form. 

Located in Rutland.

Price per 1/2 hour cycle: £25+vat

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