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'O' Ring 267828

'O' Ring.  Corresponds to part no: 267828Various applications including inlet & outlet adaptor hydraulic pump and 1600, 2l & 2.6l petrol rocker side cover bolt sealing washer...

£0.31 Ex Tax: £0.26

11" Front Brake Wheel Cylinder to Wheel Cylinder Connecting Pipe NRC5347

Pre-shaped brake pipe for connecting the front wheel cylinders on 11" front brakes.  Part no: NRC5347  Supersedes part no 233122 & 600206.  ..

£5.04 Ex Tax: £4.20

2.25 Petrol Oil Filler Baffle Plate 529394

Oil filler tube baffle plate for 2.25 petrol engines up to Series 3 engine Suffix D.  Part no: 529394  New old stock, genuine part...

£1.19 Ex Tax: £0.99

Axle Bump Stop 241380

Axle bump stop.  Part no: 241380..

£2.54 Ex Tax: £2.12

Bearing 55714

Bearing.  Corresponds to part no: 55714  High quality Japanese manufacture.Multiple applications including centre PTO front bearing, hydraulic PTO adaptor bearing and gearbox primary pinion bearing...

£25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00

Bolt 1/4"UNF x 1.1/4" (Sheradized) 256001 (BH604101L)

Bolt, 1/4"UNF x 1.1/4".  Part number: 256001  (BH604101L)Finish: SheradizedNew old, UK manufactured stock.Applications 2.6l engine fan to water pump, Brake connector to chassis bracket, accelerator cross-shaft lever clamp bolts...

£0.35 Ex Tax: £0.29

Bolt 2ba x 1/2" (Sheradized) 234603

Bolt 2ba x 1/2".  Part no: 234603  Finish: Sheradized..

£0.23 Ex Tax: £0.19

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.1/8" 509045

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.1/8".  Part number: 509045Genuine GSF Grade T, very high quality.  Applications include rear PTO propshaft to centre PTO output flange, front and rear propshaft to diff input flange and front PTO to gearbox front output flange...

£0.34 Ex Tax: £0.28

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16" 90512701

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16".  Part number: 90512701  Genuine TWL garde T manufacture. Very high quality, limited stock.Applications include PTO propshaft to rear PTO input flange and rear propshaft to gearbox output...

£1.07 Ex Tax: £0.89

Bolt 5/16"UNF x 1.5/8" (Sheradized) 256223

Bolt, 5/16"UNF x 1.5/8".  Part number: 256223Finish: SheradizedUK manufactured.  Applications include fixing truck cab roof rear panel to mounting rail on 88" vehicles...

£0.89 Ex Tax: £0.74

Bolt 5/16"UNF x 2" (Sheradized) 256226

Bolt, 5/16"UNF x 2".  Part number: 256226Finish: SheradizedUK manufactured.  Applications include fixing door hinges to door on Series 2 & 2a vehicles...

£0.94 Ex Tax: £0.78

Bolt 7/16"UNF x 7.1/4" 253826

Bolt, 7/16"UNF x 7.1/4".  Part number: 253826Finish: BZPOEM manufacture For fixing rear shock absorber to 109" vehicles...

£2.76 Ex Tax: £2.30

Brake Drum 10" (Small Stud) 591661

Brake Drum 10" (Small Stud) 591661

10" brake drum for early small wheel studs.  Part no: 591661  Supersedes part no: 218149For short wheel base Series 1, Series 2 & 2a vehicles upto Chassis suffix G...

£19.99 Ex Tax: £16.66

Brake Pipe Grommet 6860

Brake pipe grommet for 56666 brake pipe clip.   Part no: 6860..

£0.38 Ex Tax: £0.32

Brake Shoe Anchor Plate 10" 236993

Trailing brake shoe anchor plate for short wheel base 10" brakes.  Part no: 236993These are refurbished parts that have been chemically dipped and sheradized...

£9.59 Ex Tax: £7.99

Brake Shoe Return Spring 10" Lower 218983

Brake Shoe Return Spring 10" Lower 218983

Lower brake show return spring for 10" brakes.  Part no:  218983..

£0.44 Ex Tax: £0.37

Brake Shoe Return Spring 10" Upper 503981

Brake Shoe Return Spring 10" Upper 503981

Upper brake show return spring for 10" brakes.  Part no:  503981..

£0.38 Ex Tax: £0.32

Brake Shoe Return Spring 11" Front 234889

Brake Shoe Spring for 11" front brakes.  Part no:  234889..

£0.59 Ex Tax: £0.49

Brake Shoes 10" Drums (Axle Set) (MINTEX) STC2796

Axle set of brake shoes for 10" drums.  Part no: STC2796Manufacturer: Mintex (OEM)..

£27.08 Ex Tax: £22.57

Carburettor Relay Lever 504620

Carburettor relay lever.  Part no: 504620  Genuine part...

£17.34 Ex Tax: £14.45

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