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'O' Ring 267828

'O' Ring.  Corresponds to part no: 267828Various applications including inlet & outlet adaptor hydraulic pump and 1600, 2l & 2.6l petrol rocker side cover bolt sealing washer...

£0.31 Ex Tax: £0.26

11" Front Brake Wheel Cylinder to Wheel Cylinder Connecting Pipe NRC5347

11" Front Brake Wheel Cylinder to Wheel Cylinder Connecting Pipe NRC5347

Pre-shaped brake pipe for connecting the front wheel cylinders on 11" front brakes.  Part no: NRC5347  Supersedes part no 233122 & 600206.  ..

£5.04 Ex Tax: £4.20

2.25 Petrol Oil Filler Baffle Plate 529394

Oil filler tube baffle plate for 2.25 petrol engines up to Series 3 engine Suffix D.  Part no: 529394  New old stock, genuine part...

£1.19 Ex Tax: £0.99

Axle Bump Stop 241380

Axle Bump Stop 241380

Axle bump stop.  Part no: 241380..

£2.54 Ex Tax: £2.12

Bearing 55714

Bearing.  Corresponds to part no: 55714  High quality Japanese manufacture.Multiple applications including centre PTO front bearing, hydraulic PTO adaptor bearing and gearbox primary pinion bearing...

£25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00

Bolt 2ba x 1/2" (Sheradized) 234603

Bolt 2ba x 1/2".  Part no: 234603  Finish: Sheradized..

£0.23 Ex Tax: £0.19

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.1/8" 509045

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.1/8".  Part number: 509045Genuine GSF Grade T, very high quality.  Applications include rear PTO propshaft to centre PTO output flange, front and rear propshaft to diff input flange and front PTO to gearbox front output flange...

£0.34 Ex Tax: £0.28

Bolt 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16" 90512701

Bolt, 3/8"UNF x 1.3/16".  Part number: 90512701  Genuine TWL garde T manufacture. Very high quality, limited stock.Applications include PTO propshaft to rear PTO input flange and rear propshaft to gearbox output...

£1.07 Ex Tax: £0.89

Brake Shoe Return Spring 11" Front 234889

Brake Shoe Spring for 11" front brakes.  Part no:  234889..

£0.59 Ex Tax: £0.49

Carburettor Relay Lever 504620

Carburettor relay lever.  Part no: 504620  Genuine part...

£17.34 Ex Tax: £14.45

Centre Cover Panel 330531

Land Rover Series 2 seat base centre cover panel for one locker seat box with aluminium tool tray.  Corresponds to part no: 330531Manufactured from 1.5mm 5251 Aluminium, the modern equivalent of Birmabright. ..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Cotter Pin 1/8" x 1.1/4" 2428

Cotter Pin 1/8 x 1.1/4Corresponds to part no: 2428Various uses..

£0.11 Ex Tax: £0.09

Cover Panel for Petrol Tank 330532

Land Rover Series 2 seat box cover panel for Series 2's with one locker and aluminium tool box type seat box.  Corresponds to part no: 330532  Manufactured from 1.5mm 5251 Aluminium, the modern equivalent to Birmabright...

£18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Crankshaft Vibration Damper Driving Flange 09017

Crankshaft vibration damper driving flange for 4 cylinder IOE petrol engines.  Corresponds to part no: 09017  Fits both Land Rover Series 1 1600cc & 2.0l 'Siamese' / 'Spreadbore' engines along with early Land Rover Series 2 2.0l petrol engines...

£36.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Distributor Drive Dog Kit 513679

Distributor drive dog kit.  Part number: 513679  New old stock genuine parts...

£13.64 Ex Tax: £11.37

Dowel 09561

Dowel.  Corresponds to part no: 09561  Applications include locating dowel for Aeroparts capstan winch bollard thrust washer and for bollard shaft...

£0.19 Ex Tax: £0.16

Front Axle Oil Seal 217400

Front axle oil seal.  Part no:  217400  OEM..

£4.68 Ex Tax: £3.90

Girling Alloy Brake & Clutch Fluid Reservoir Cap 500201

Girling Alloy Brake & Clutch Fluid Reservoir Cap 500201

Alloy brake and clutch reservoir cap. Stamped 'Girling Ltd, England'.  Part no: 500201  Brand: Bearmch.  Fits 'bean can' type reservoir. Seal not included...

£4.08 Ex Tax: £3.40

Grease Nipple (45 Degree) 276201

Grease nipple (45 degree).  Corresponds to part no: 276201  Applications include: propshaft sleeve ..

£0.66 Ex Tax: £0.55

Grease Nipple 234532

Grease nipple.  Corresponds to part no: 234532Applications include Land Rover mk1 / mk2 Hydraulic Winch drum (2 required per winch) & propshaft sleeve...

£0.71 Ex Tax: £0.59

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